Gratitude Friday

10,000 Reasons – 29 Jan

Gratitude Friday is a ritual that Nolwenn Petitbois from Inner Voices started and I was participating in, for a couple weeks but, realized what I really wanted to be doing was my own thing.

This.  *smile*

10,000 Reasons To Be Happy is an homage to a book my father bought me when I was an overly goth, self-harming and depressed adolescent;  14,000 Things to Be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer.  It’s just a list of 14,000 things that make the author happy.  Yeah, my father gave me that same look when I said I wanted it.  It’s just a list…of things, that make her happy.

Small actions have a big impact

It didn’t seem like much, I admit, but, when things were bad, and I found myself feeling like there was no reason to be alive, I would pick up the book and underline or hightlight a few things I agreed with.  I started to feel better, thinking of the things that made *her* happy and knowing that there were things we had in common.  Further, I realized that this was probably how people made themselves happy, by looking for the little things.

So, in an effort to be more authentic, I’ve created this.  It feels more my style.  The point is not to make it to the ten thousand things, the point is to list the little things that I noticed made me happy, this week, to keep record of them and to share them with the world.  Tell me if any of them make you happy, as well, and feel free to share with me what made you happy.  It’s about connection, after all.

  • the falling snow
  • watching my dog excitedly run down to the end of the hallway to the door to go outside before I correct her and tell her we are going out the other door and she has to run all the way back, almost bouncing like a rabbit
  • meeting my partner outside, walking from the bus stop
  • pulling together a ‘dinner’ with random ingredients
  • being inspired by my pulled together dinner to make a more refined dish





Gratitude Friday 1/1/16

Gratitude Friday

I’m sure this post won’t actually make it up on January 1st, Friday but, I figure it’s worth it, even if its a bit late.  Gratitude Friday is a ritual that Nolwenn Petitbois from Inner Voices has started and I am excited to participate in.

So, here at Raven + Lotus, we will be doing Gratitude Fridays!  YAY!

This week I am grateful for:

  • having a warm and comfortable home
  • Pamala’s chili recipe
  • my life partner
  • his family
  • snickerdoodles
  • my new blog
  • having room to grow into whoever I decide to be with no nudging or judging
  • embroidery
  • making decisions and feeling strong in them