10K Reasons – 12 Feb

10,000 Reasons To Be Happy is an homage to a book my father bought me when I was an overly goth, self-harming and depressed adolescent;  14,000 Things to Be Happy About by Barbara Ann Kipfer, in which I list 5ish things that made me happy this week.  The goal is not to get to ten thousand, the goal is to remember the little things, every day.

Short little post today.  I’ll be totally honest with you, I have been in the midst of an emotional breakdown, this month, so that’s why there is no WOTY Wednesday, and no 10K Reasons last week and no WOTY this week.  I’m forcing myself to do this one since, it seemed appropriate; I need to find reasons to be happy.  Some of the things on the list will be very basal, as this is where I have to go to find happiness.

  • the squealchy sound that light dusty snow makes when you walk on it.
  • the fact that I have shelter from the cold and food to nourish me.
  • the contented sigh my dog makes when she’s found a comfy spot.
  • I am loved, protected and safe to have an emotional breakdown and work through my shit
  • strawberry smoothies for breakfast.