WOTY Wednesday! 27 Jan

Not feeling super WOTY this Wednesday

Paint, Plan & Chronicle with Suzi Blu is something I’m half-doing, half-not-doing.  I like the idea of having a planner and I like using tape and markers to make it prettier so I’m using her as motivation, she’s super-inspirational.  The planner spread is nicer looking now, more details and such, but I didn’t want to share my personal planner fodder with you, because, you know….boundaries.  😀

I’m sharing this with you because I’m feeling at a loss, this week.  Nothing was really done to “refine and focus” my life.  I did a lot of white-knuckling it with my medication withdrawal symptoms (wrote about those here, feeling better), so most of my time was spent either dizzy / nauseous or pouring sweat and in a pissy mood.

When faced with writing this blog post, I reached a place of some resistance.  “How is doing this really gonna help anyone?  Does it *really* matter?  Does anyone even care?  Does it really matter if this goes up *on* Wednesday?”  Well, yeah…it does.  It matters, to me.  Even if no one reads what I’m writing, I’m writing it for me, I’m doing the refining in my life for me.  Sharing it with others is just the cherry on top and if I stop now, if I say, “this doesnt *have* to”, I’m saying that about myself.  If this is for me, and I can so easily put ‘me’ aside, how do I expect to grow and change?  How do I expect to be this better person, the person I feel I was supposed to be before all the hurt and trauma, if I don’t make active changes to my behavior?

SO!  Here’s what I sorted and photographed this week!

WIP Round-up

Here is a picture of my works in progress on canvas.


I sorted, took photos.  Touched each of them to see if anything “jumped out at me” and said it needed attention.  Here are a few pictures of some individual WIPs.


And two faces I started.  The one with the embellishments is supposed to be Queen Maude of Norway.  Her hair looks so much like an afro, a triangular afro, and her arms are so tightly tucked against her body, that it throws me off and I get embarrassed just holding the canvas.  Can’t fix it if I can’t even hold on to it.  Thinking, she may end up in pieces, many of those pieces residing in the dumpster.

I hate drawing / painting hair….why does it have to look so shitty?

That’s All Folks!

Anyway, that is all for now.  I’m going to be making a slight change to my Friday offering, to make it more ‘me’.   Hope you’re as excited as I am!  Not saying how excited that is but if you’re at least where I am then, it could maybe be something more than nothing!  Lol! 😀  YAY!


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