WOTY Wednesdays! — WTF is that?


WOTY (WHOA-tee) = Word of the Year

This whole concept of Word of the Year, thrust into my lexicon when I discovered art journaling in 2010-ish, has confused and sometimes frightened me.  How can I possibly pick just one word to sum up the direction of my upcoming year when I have zero clue what the future holds or how my life is going to shift or change throughout the year?  Then, to put this word all over journal covers, planners, bullet journals and journal spreads?  So much commitment!  It just feels like a New Year’s resolution and those I never see as anything more than an opportunity to fail and then hate myself for it.  Only with this, I have a bunch of hand-painted shit, colorfully celebrating my failure.  Washi tape dulls the sting of failure, washi tape cures all.

2015 was in my Top 3 Worst Years of My Fucking Life.  Turning 40 wasn’t so much of an issue as I’m not vain and I don’t feel I’m losing my beauty, as I know, for me, that comes from inside.  I feel my body is just the vessel my soul uses to engage with with other souls in the world, so why would how it looks have any effect on my beauty as a human being? It wouldn’t and doesn’t but, all these health problems I had sure as shit made me wish I could get a new body that was in better condition, for a little while.  A rental…

At the beginning of this year (and the end of last), there was the expected sea of posts, prompts and spreads about our Words of the Year and how we felt about them, their back stories and everyone’s hopes they’ve attached that this year we could exert some real change in our lives.  And for some reason, this year, I drank the Kool Aid.


Looking around my half (three-quarters) of our office, seeing how I am literally surrounded by supplies.  Pics or it didn’t happen.


I am sometimes so surrounded by the quantity of things that I have that there is no room to actually MAKE anything.  So, I decided my life, and art stash, needs a purge.  And since I am an anxiety-prone person, I over-think things.  When I think about the word ‘purge’, the first thought I have, sadly, is of bulimics.  Having had issues with food control and having several members of my inner circle suffering from an eating disorder in some form or fashion, I decided that using Purge feels wrong.  While it is what I wish to have happen, because I am feeling so trapped by all that is around me that I just want it all gone, I know that what makes the most sense for the long run is for me to slow my roll and look at my things, decide if I’m *really* ever gonna use it and keep it if yes and if no, say thank you and move on, Marie Kondo style.

Refine & Focus

SO!  Along that ilk and with a softer feel, forward I go with my word(s) of the year: Refine and Focus.  My intent is to examine different aspects of my life, both external and internal, and see how I can refine (remove the clutter) and focus my energies to creating the life I want, and bringing my Pure-self to life.

Now to the whole point of WOTY Wednesday! (I’m so long-winded and talky).  This blog feature is going to be where I hold myself accountable.  If I have to come here and face you all every week, I will be more likely to stay focused.  😀  See what I did there?   Also, I was thinking that in the process of refining my craft stash, I could offer my hand-me-downs.  I am creating a box for my niece and one for a friend (shhhh it’s a seekrit) but all else goes to the masses..  lol I crack me up, like more than 3 people read this blog…

THIS WEEK: Collage Fodder

To start us off, I went straight for papers that just are taking up space; my collage fodder.  This includes magazine cutouts, maps, music sheets, scrapbook papers, book text, wrapping paper, paper napkins, tissue paper (silk paper), painted text paper, painted tissues and paper towels. Four drawers of a five drawer tower, just for things I’m not even totally sure I will ever use.  Sitting down with these things last night, had me really asking myself where I am going forward in my art ‘career’.  Am I ever gonna really use these magazine cut outs?  No, probably not.  That’s not really my style, though I like to see how others do.

Here are an assortment of napkins arranged in piles as I try to decide how I wanna separate and package them for anyone who wants them.  Gonna put them in my shop later today or tomorrow.


And here is a close up shot of some painted papers that will be making their way into the homes of others, shortly.


Final Thought, Jerry Springer Style

Starting this process has me eager to continue but I know this is a combination of my deep desire to get rid of this “shit” (it’s not shit but Im angry at it so it gets insulted) and to start breathing, really breathing.  All of this clutter around me, in every aspect of life, is choking me and in many ways, I feel very much like a race horse being held back.  I have wanted for so long, to go forth, to start my life, to explode like fireworks, to just go and trust and move in the direction pure self dictates but have been held back, by health problems and lack of clarity.  Health problems are improving so it’s clarity time.  I’m ready.




  1. Refine and focus.
    Raven Lotus.
    I see what you did there 😉
    I need a purge of the old art supplies myself, but I just find it so hard to let go of art stuff. Everyone told me I couldn’t be an artist when I was growing up. I think I hold on to it all to reaffirm that yes, actually, I can, because look… LOOK at all the art supplies I have! LOL


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