Gratitude Friday – 1/8/2016

Gratitude Friday

Gratitude Friday is a ritual that Nolwenn Petitbois from Inner Voices has started and I am excited to participate in.

Super way late, I know.  Again.  Timing is not as important to me as the message and since I have skin issues right now (drug-induced lichen planus) that are causing pain in my feet and hands, making typing, and really everything, painful, I’m grateful I can do it, at all.

As I mentioned above, I am currently suffering with a skin affliction.  If you were to look it up, it would look pretty benign but it’s not a normal case.  I have the small legions all over and large “plaques” on the palms of my hands and the soles of my feet.  I’m on a Prednisone taper, have a corticosteroid ointment and have stopped taking the offending medication.

Deciding that I wanted to do this feature on my blog prompted me to keep track, daily or quasi-daily, of things I was grateful for during the week so that when it came time to make this post, I would have a list to pull from and I could see common themes.  *Smile*  I noticed, since every day I was in so much pain, unable to walk, to grasp anything, the first thing on my daily list of things I am grateful for was : My partner.

So today’s Gratitude Friday is me taking a moment to express how endlessly grateful I am for him.  I know how much stress he is under on a normal basis but for him to spend his winter break, a coveted and badly needed break, tending to me.  He did all the dishes.  He cooked all the meals, took Maisy for every walk, all the laundry, all the everything….without complaint.  As a matter of fact, it was with a smile and a kiss to shush my apologies and ease my sadness and guilt, to quash my budding tears.

Thank you, Olivier.  I love you, without end and without measure.

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